Klainod was the lable of the fashion designer Lea Deutschmann and her collaborators from 2013-2018. It was a wonderful time and we want to thank you all for your contribution to this amazing experience.

What Klainod was: 

Sustainable and timeless fashion design, made in Belgium and Germany. Lea Deustchmann founded also the sustainable project ,,Made by Grandma''. Hand-knitted socks by seniors in Germany, that you could throw on your compost without any doubt, but with a positiv impact on society and environment.

For her thesis at HTW Berlin, Lea Deutschmann developed a 100% biodegradable knitwear collection. The main part of this project are hand-knitted socks made by seniors in Germany within the context of an intergenerational project. With this collection she wants to take ecological and social responsibility, to propose a holistic sustainable production concept.

For now, this project is finished, but we will see what the future brings.